Directly printing in the truck

Print Panther is an application that enables compact document printers to be controlled on on-board computers, tablets and smartphones in trucks and on location. Print Panther can be used flexibly, for example on the road in the truck or on location at the customer. The carrier of the has to deal with different types of documents that are required for transport. Many documents are required when transporting to and from abroad. Think of way bills, Lieferschein, CMR, delivery notes, customs documents, proof of import, packaging receipts and other documents. Not all documents are available at the time of departure. In order not to slow down the transport, Print Panther can be the ideal solution.

 Packaging always visible

From the office into the truck

With the help of Print Panther, the driver can easily collect all documents on the on-board computer, tablet and smartphone and print documents immediately. The driver receives a transport order from the transport planner. Even though not all documents are immediately available, the driver can still start his journey. At the moment that the transport planner has completed all documents, these can be set-up in the on-board computer or sent to the mobile device. The moment the driver arrives at location, he can print the necessary documents directly in the truck. The driver can immediately start his work and hand over the correct documents. Documents can be printed in color or with grayscale. Print Panther has an integration with Canon and Epson.

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