Tconsult is the expert in smart logistic solutions and our business consultants offer you the tools for innovation. Our consultants can help you design, analyze, improve and control logistics processes. Tconsult has many years of experience with supply chain management and in consulting the customer the best solution. Tconsult has developed a scan-application (Scangaroo), a print-application (Print Panther) and a load carrier registration and administration package (TellApe). Tconsult is specialized in load carrier management and document flows.

Print Panther

Print Panther is the advanced mobile printing solution for in the truck. With the app you can control compact document printers with on board computers and mobile Android devices. Print Panther gives the transport planner the possibility to remotely provide the driver with all necessary documents. Using Print Panther will save you tile and unnecessary kilometers for the driver, for example, he has to print the documents in a copy shop. Print Panther ensures that all necessary documents are always within reach!

Why this article?

In this article we will teach you everything there is to learn about Print Panther. You can make informed decisions after reading this article. To make things even easier for you, we’ve created a table of content that will help you navigate the guide easily.

Table of content

1. The print application

First of all, in this article we tell you about the print application Print Panther. We answer the questions; how does Print Panther work and how to use Print Panther. The driver knows where to deliver the goods. Only, what if the documents aren’t ready when the driver is? It can happen that the import and export documents are still not ready. It would be a shame if the driver would have to wait until these documents are complete. If the driver has to make a detour via a copy shop, it will cost extra time and kilometers. Print Panther has been developed to save time, kilometers and costs, so all required documents can be printed at any time.

Suitable files

Many documents are required when transporting goods and liquids. When Brexit is finalized, more documents are expected to be required for importing and exporting goods with the UK. Different types of documents are required depending on the country and type of product.
Print Panther can open various files for printing with the compact document printers. PDF-files are of course suitable, next to this Print Panther can print JPG-files and text files, for example.

The printing process

The driver can print documents in just 4 steps and then proceed his work.

      • Step 1: Open the desired document in the Print Panther app from the on-board computer or e-mail.
      • Step 2: Zoom in and switch between different documents to check whether you have the right file.
      • Step 3: Print the documents with the printer that best suits your company and working method. The documents are printed with high quality, regardless of the printer choice.
      • Step 4: When the printing is ready, the driver can quickly proceed his work.

Although Print Panther is easy to operate, we have made several manuals to support you. In one manual we have described step by step how to install the app. In another manual, we take the driver into the actions involved in printing the documents.
Read more about the printing process here.


You van purchase our solution as a subscription. Depending on the size of your organization, you can chose the small, medium, large or extra-large package. The larger the package is the higher the discount per connection will be. Our monthly package can be canceled every month before the 15th of the month. Of course you can try Print Panther 14 days for free before you purchase. We have connected two integrated document printers with the Print Panther app. If you don’t have any of the integrated printers, we will make them available for the trial period. For all options and prices, it is best to contact one of our employees. Click here to view the subscriptions.

2. Total solution

Tconsult supplies all products for the total solution Print Panther. From subscriptions to document printers, associated cables and a protected bracket. We can supply printers at a competitive price. Do you have an on-board computer that’s not integrated with Print Panther yet? No problem, we can check with your on-board computer supplier what the possibilities are.


You can choose from two document printers that work together with the print app. See also the chapter with document printers. Each printer has it’s own added value and covers the demands and wishes of the market. Some end-users demand the smallest printer available so there is enough space left in the cabin. Other users place more value on the number of sheets that can be put in the document feeder. Yet, another user find it more important to print over USB or WiFi. Finally, the best combination with your on-board computer is also very important and this will influence the choice. You can read more about this in chapter 6, integrations.


To extend the life of the printer, Tconsult has developed a specially designed bracket. Each printer has its own and unique customized bracket. These brackets are made of aluminum, the advantage of this is that the material is light and strong. You can easily store the printer in the cabin with the bracket, without damaging the printer. Beside the brackets, we supply various cables and much more. Call us for tailor made advice, so that you too can get the right solution.

3. The added value

What is the added value of Print Panther? We understand that digitization costs money. However, it can also make money. In this chapter we list some advantages of the Print Panther application. This allows you to make an informed decision.

Print directly on the road

Print Panther is an Android application that can be used to control compact document printers on on-board computers and mobile Android devices. The driver can print documents directly by using the user-friendly print app. Your driver can start his trip while the administration arranges all documentation remotely. When the documents are needed, the driver can hand over the documents within a few minutes. No more detours to print documents in a copy shop of waiting until the required documents are complete. Want to know more about printing on the go or the print application? Click here.

Fast printing, little waste of time

Because the printer is connected to the on-board computer in the cabin, the printing can be done quickly. The drivers opens the Print Panther app, this can also be done via his question path on the on-board computer, and turns on the printer. Then open the documents in the app that needed to be printed. The printer makes the connection itself and forwards the documents to the printer. After printing, simply close the app and continue the work.

High quality prints with and without color

Print Panther communicates with two document printers that make both color and black and white prints. The printers are selected for quality and speed of printing. The printer can print different sizes and document types. PDF, Word and JPG files can be printed with the app.

Start your ride earlier

With the Print Panther app, the driver doesn’t have to wait in the office until the documents are ready. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to have all documentation in paper with you. However, at the moment of inspection it may be necessary to hand over the physical document. With Print Panther you can easily print the required documentation. If the driver doesn’t have inspections, the paper and ink will be saved. This also ensures cost savings.

4. Use of the app

The settings are clear in the Print Panther application. You can choose to print the pages in black and white or in color. In the settings you can switch between printer types and reset the printer password. When resetting the password, you can reconnect to your printer so that you can work flawlessly again.

You can use Print Panther in the truck in various ways. When opening a document, you can choose to open it with the app. Or you open the app on the mobile device and search for the correct documents from the app. Print Panther can also be opened from the driver’s question path

5. Document printers

Two document printers are integrated with the print application. This looked at the different properties that a printer must have. Because various printers offer different options, because we want to offer the best fitting option for your company, two document printers are selected. Canon PIXMA TR150 and the Epson WorkForce WF-110W. The printers guarantee high quality prints and easily connect to the on-board computer. In this chapter we discuss the benefits and added value of the printers.

Canon PIXMA TR150

The Canon PIXMA TR150 is a compact mobile printer and works via WiFi. The PIXMA TR150 delivers high quality prints with excellent color and black and white. The print resolution horizontally is 2400 DPI and vertical is 9600 DPI. The printer can print different sizes; A4, A5 and B5. The printer contains two inkjet cartridges; black and all colors. The printer weighs about 2 pounds and is ideal to take with you or place in small spaces due to its compact size.

Epson WorkForce WF-110W

The WorkForce WF-110W is a compact mobile printer that works with WiFi and USB. The WorkForce-110W delivers quality documents with excellent color or black and white resolution. The print resolution horizontally is at 1440 DPI and vertically at 5760 DPI. The printer can print different sizes; A4, A5, B6 and B5. The printer contains two inkjet cartridges; black and all colors. The printer weighs approximately 1.6 kg and is ideal for taking on the road or placing it in confined spaces due to its compact size.

6. Integrations

Would you rather integrate Print Panther with your on-board computer or use it as a standalone? The app offers various options and there are various integrations. Read more about the integration options below.


The application is extremely suitable as a standalone solution. If you use Print Panther as a standalone, install the application on an Android smartphone or tablet. You can also install it on an on-board computer. If desired, you can connect the smartphone or tablet to all our printers.

Print Panther as a standalone is ideal for companies that work with charters or freelance drivers. Give the mobile solution to the freelancer or charter, send the necessary documents during the ride and work as efficiently as possible with the least possible loss of time!

On-board computers

Due to the many integrations with different on-board computers, Print Panther is versatile and suitable for any integration. For example, the application works on the Garmin, TomTom, ATX and the headless. We are happy to advise you to make a descision for the best combination between hardware and on-board computer.

Canon PIXMA TR150 

The Canon PIXMA TR150 prints over wi-fi and can be connected to the following on-board computers

      • AddSecure on-board computers; ATX 2 and Headless
      • Rietveld’s on-board computers: Garmin 780 and Garmin 790
      • The on-board computers of TomTom webfleet; Pro8

On the on-board computers, the application can function as a standalone and be fully integrated into the question path.

Epson WorkForce WF-110W

The WorkForce WF-110W prints over both Wi-Fi and USB. This can be advantageous, because this printer offers two options for printing. However, the speed is different between printing over Wi-Fi and over USB. We therefore always recommend choosing the right printer in consultation with Tconsult. The Epson printer is integrated with the following on-board computer:

      • AddSecure on-board computers, the ATX 2 and headless, work great with Wi-Fi printing. Printing over USB also works but is not as fast as printing over Wi-Fi
      • Rietveld’s on-board computers, the Garmin 780 and 790, can print via Wi-Fi as well as USB
      • – TomTom’s on-board computer, the Pro8, works with both Wi-Fi and USB. However, we will not quickly recommend USB printing. The port in the Pro8 that connects to the printer is not vandal-proof. If the port is used intensively, it can break faster than the useful life of the device.

7. Success stories

How many waybills result in delays or extra kilometers per year? Every cost saving counts in transport and logistics. When using the application, you can easily save money by driving fewer kilometers and sending the drivers faster. Thousands of trucks are now driving around with our printing solution. There are already quite a few transport companies that have optimized their document flow from the office to the truck. Curious about the views of our customers? We are happy to share their success stories and quotes.

Henk Dammes Transport

How many bill of loading result in delays or extra kilometers per year? Every cost saving counts in transport and logistics. When using the application, you can easily save money by driving fewer kilometers and sending the drivers faster. Thousands of trucks are now driving around with our printing solution. There are already quite a few transport companies that have optimized their document flow from the office to the truck. Curious about the views of our customers? We are happy to share their success stories and quotes. Read more here.

8. Meer informatie

We hope this article has helped you make an informed choice. Now that you have more information about the software and hardware options, you can choose the best integration for yourself. If there are certain topics you want to review again, click the following button:
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