Tconsult offers a number of products which helps you to optimize and automate your business processes with cost saving as a result. The video focus on two services, namely: 1) Print panther and 2) Scangaroo. On this page you can find more information about Print Panther, our advanced mobile printing solution. If the document flows to the driver already have been optimized, click here.

Print Panther

With the Print Panther application, compact document printers can be controlled on on-board computers, tablets and smartphones. With the Print Panther application, changed CMR documents, waybills, packaging slips and delivery notes can be printed directly using a compact document printer in the truck. The benefits of print Panther are:

How does the app work?

The print app Print Panther is easy to use. The transport planner can push documents to the on-board computer. The carrier can then open the documents in the app or to the question path. The transport planner can also send the documents to an Android phone or tablet. An image, PDF file or word document van be opened with the Print Panther application. After the carrier has received the necessary documents, they can be checked in the app. Finally, with one click the documents can be printed. See here the detailed explanation.

Document printers

The print app is available with a document printer. Because of our partners, you can choose from two different printers. The printers guarantee high-quality prints. The wireless mobile printers are among the smallest and lightest on the market. So it is easy to store the printer in the truck cabin. In addition, it is also possible to mount the printer to the dashboard with the Print Panther bracket. Tconsult supplies specially designed brackets, which also guarantee the life of the printer.


Due to the many integrations with various on-board computers, Print Panther is versatile and suitable for every situation. Print Panther works for example with the Garmin, TomTom, Webfleet Solutions, ATX and Headless. In addition, the app can also be used as a ‘standalone’ solution. You can read more about the integrations and options here.


Our services are tailored to different companies. The number of connections that is relevant to you depends on the size of your transport company. We have a total of four suits from which you can choose. These are the packages small, medium, large and extra-large. Click on this link for the monthly costs per connection.


Can we help you with something or do you have questions about Print Panther? Our account manager Niels Stalenberg is happy to help you. Monday to Friday he can be reached from 09.00 – 17.00 AM.

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