Print Panther is the advanced mobile printing solution that controls compact document printers on on-board computers, tablets and smartphones. The app makes printing on the go possible, anytime and anywhere. Thousands of trucks in Europe are now equipped with the printing solution, including that of C.L.L. Transport (C.L.L. Sàrl/Coumans). In this blog you can read more about the experiences with Print Panther in practice and how the mobile print application can simplify processes.


Problems along the way

Drivers regularly face unexpected challenges during goods transport. For example, when goods are transported to other countries, border controls are regularly carried out, including within the European Union. Not only are the goods checked, but also the technical condition of vehicles, among other things. It can therefore be very useful if excerpts about this can be printed on the spot.

When transporting certain goods within Europe, additional documents are sometimes required, such as ADR documents. If there are problems regarding the validity of this or during the transport of the goods, the driver must therefore also make a detour to print these extra. It can therefore be very practical if the driver can have it sent immediately and can print on the road with Print Panther.


About C.L.L.

C.L.L. Transport is a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2009. The company has a large network, a fleet of more than 45 vehicles and is active in Europe and North Africa. CLL has recognized know-how and is a specialist in the distribution of palletized goods. They also offer tailor-made 24-72 hour transport solutions. In this way, they have succeeded in moving from a “transport company culture” to a “service culture company”.


Printing on the go in practice

C.L.L. Transport has been using the standalone version of Print Panther for several years now, in combination with Android devices and Canon printers. During pallet transport, it sometimes happens that extra documentation is needed when crossing the border, especially in times of corona and since Brexit. If the driver does not have these documents on hand, this can cause delays and unnecessary extra kilometers and costs.

Leo Matthieu from C.L.L. Transport talks about working with Print Panther: “We have been using this printing solution for a number of years and can use it on different systems. It allows the driver to print all the necessary documents in the vehicle, we no longer have to bother other people to print something, great system. We are very satisfied with Tconsult, friendly contact – fast delivery – correct price.”


How can Print Panther help your business?

Print Panther gives the transport planner the option to provide the driver with all the necessary documents remotely. This saves time and unnecessary kilometers for the driver and ensures that all necessary documents are always within reach. Files that have only just been released can also be printed on site. This shortens waiting times and increases flexibility.

Print Panther has various integration options with various mobile devices or on-board computers. For example, Print Panther works on the Garmin, TomTom, ATX and the Headless. Tconsult can also provide customers with all necessary hardware, so that Print Panther users can receive a complete and customized package.


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