In a world that is increasingly focused on digitization and where major technological steps are being taken, it may be odd to view paper documents as valuable. However, making physical copies is still very useful, and in some cases even necessary. Print Panther and the supported hardware make it possible for drivers to print transport documents from the truck at any moment. This means that, as a transporter, you can always have your important information and documentation to hand, even when changes are made at the last minute.

What is Print Panther?

In order to help transporters, exporters and other companies, Tconsult develops various solutions, like Print Panther. Print Panther is an application that, in combination with the compact hardware, makes it possible to print transport documents anywhere, anytime. It is a compact, fast and advanced mobile printing solution. With the app, drivers can print reports, order forms and other files they need while on the road from the truck. Documents that have just been released can also be printed on the spot. This helps significantly decrease waiting times and it’s much easier for companies to manage last-minute adjustments.

Print Panther is easy to use and therefore accessible to everyone. The application also has multiple integration and connection options, making it a very flexible solution. For example, the printers can be integrated with the on-board computer via the application or used as a standalone option. In this case, the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android devices. To learn more about the integration with on-board computers, please make an inquiry. Print Panther then connects to the hardware through a Wi-Fi connection or by connecting with a USB cable.

Print Panther in practice

You may wonder when the print solution will come in handy or be necessary. To clarify this, we have outlined various scenarios below.


Scenario 1 – Border controls

When transporting goods to other countries, border controls are regularly carried out, even within the European Union. The European Police Traffic Network (or TISPOL) perform out frequent checks, for example during the European Inspection Week. Not only goods, but also the technical condition of vehicles are checked during this week. Therefore, it can be very useful if you can print excerpts on the spot.

In addition, the measures taken at the border with the United Kingdom are also likely to increase now that the Brexit has taken place. More documents will be required when passing through customs which can lead to uncertainty and confusion, especially in the initial phase after the Brexit. It can cause many problems for carriers when they arrive at the border, only to find out that they cannot enter the country because certain papers are missing.


Scenario 2 – Hazardous subtances

ADR stands for “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”, or the European Agreement of 30 September 1957 concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. Starting next year, the term “European” will be dropped from the agreement. This is because there are more than 50 states that are party to ADR and these aren’t all European countries. The abbreviation “ADR” is often used to indicate the appendices that belong to the treaty. The rules concerning the transport of hazardous substances differ from country to country, and when crossing a border drivers must be able to prove they are authorized to do so with the correct reports. If a carrier cannot prove this, he may not continue to his destination.


Scenario 3 – Package service

Not only exporters of goods benefit from a compact printing solution. Any company that has to deal with short term changes can benefit from the Print Panther application and hardware. Consider, for example, a package service that has to deliver an extra package at the last minute. This delivery doesn’t include an existing shipping order or order form. The driver still has create one quickly while en route and not every driver has a legible handwriting. By digitally creating a shipping order with the correct data and printing it directly, the order is clear to everyone and can be completed correctly.


Optimizing the supply chain

The above scenarios can cost companies a lot of time and money. Print Panther helps companies save shipping time and costs, and further optimize their supply chain. By offering a printing solution for on the road, drivers no longer have to go to a second location to print transport documents. Consequently, this speeds up the delivery of goods and provides an extra layer of convenience for the driver. Moreover, the flexibility of companies increases and changes that take place at the last minute are less of an obstacle. Also, the app makes it possible to always have the right documents at the right time. An additional advantage for companies is that they can get their administrative affairs in order faster, especially in combination with the Scangaroo solution.

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