The ADR rules apply for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). For example, it is forbidden for a ADR transporter to drive without certain permits and professional qualifications. Despite the fact that most transporters are trained, the inspection of Human Environment and Transport (In the Netherlands) still finds incomplete and / or missing transport ADR documents during their inspections.

The consequences are large with the transportation of ADR goods. So you want to avoid errors or missing documents at all times. If there is a criminal offense (according to ADR law), a carrier may not continue to drive. Depending on the violation committed by the driver, the carrier will receive a warning or a fine. In the case of more serious violations, it can lead to an official report. Tconsult, an expert in logistic solutions, offers you the tools you need for innovation. In other words, our software help you to optimize your document flows.

Complexity in the transport sector

A driver must regularly deliver to multiple addresses. Therefore, the distribution process is often complex. Multiple addresses means splitting cargo between different trucks or other types of transport. Splitting and then regrouping the load gives an increased risk of errors. In conclusion, document problems may arise due to the complexity, while the ADR documents must be error-free to prevent consequences. For incomplete or incorrect documents the driver must deviate from the route and drive extra kilometers to print the correct documents. For example, the driver could go to a copy shop close by. This also means that the driver is more hours on the road.

Fuel and personnel costs

Incomplete and incorrect documents cost a transport company a lot of money. A company needs to pay extra fuel costs and wages for every detour by the driver. Assuming that the average gross salary of a driver is around 25 euros per hour and he makes a 30-minute detour to visit the copy shop, it will cost you 12,5 euro per transport. If we calculate with an average fuel price of 1,20 euros per liter with 1:3 km, it will cost you 8 euros for a detour of 20 kilometers. Suppose that the driver has to visit a copy shop 4 times a month you’ll have to pay 95 euros per month.

Incomplete ADR documents

In addition, sanctions and financial fines can follow for incomplete or incorrect ADR documents. As you probably know, rates have been set for the most common ADR violations in the “Transport of Dangerous Substances Act” (WVGS). For example, you can receive a fine of 1,600 euros for transport documents that are not present or not legible. The fines relate to so-called “first offenders”. If there are repeated violations, the fines increase. For the first repeated violation, the fine increases by 10%. If the mistakes repeats, the fine will increase to 20%. If the mistake is made more than twice, the legal person (the company) can receive a summons. The costs for repetition and can rise quickly, therefore it is important to guarantee your document flows.

Print Panther

Tconsult offers logistic solutions to make complexity in transport easy, for complexity in the transport world, with our solutions you can avoid fines. Print Panther gives the driver the possibility to print the correct transport documents quickly. If the driver calls the transport planner in case of missing or incorrect ADR documents, the transport planner can send the correct documents directly by the TMS, a tablet or the mobile phone. The driver can then immediately print all the required documentation in his truck. With Print Panther you can prevent document problems during loading and offloading. You can optimize your document flows with Print Panther. Read more information about Print Panther here.