Henk Dammes BV is specialized in the transport of containers and ADR transport, both nationally and internationally. The drivers regularly need shipping documents that they have to hand over to the customer. It is possible that these documents were not yet available in advance. Previously, they had to drive to an office in the port of Rotterdam to print these documents. With Print Panther they have been able to speed up their process and save costs!

Henk Dammes BV

Henk Dammes BV is specialized in the transport of containers and ADR for many years, both nationally and internationally. Henk Dammes has the most modern equipment available for transporting the containers and ADR. On the basis of various specializations, one-way or round-trip and various containers and Reefer containers are transported. Several different transport documents, such as the special ADR consignment note are required for the transport of dangerous goods. The chauffeurs of Henk Dammes often start their ride on Mondays and only return on Fridays. As a result, they often do not have all the necessary documents.

Container and ADR Transport

Henk Dammes BV is specialized in transporting containers and dangerous goods, also known as ADR. ADR is an abbreviation of the French title:  Accord européen relatif au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route. ADR is the pan-European treaty for the international transport of dangerous goods by road. The ADR, the dangerous goods and liquids, are classified on the basis of their dangerous goods or liquids. The classification is the basis of the transport conditions.

The following documents must in most cases be present during the transport of dangerous goods by road: a bill of lading (transport document), a container / vehicle loading certificate, written instructions for the driver (danger card), the vehicle inspection document and the certificate of professional competence for the driver.

Three functions can be distinguished for the consignment note or CMR. The consignment note is an information carrier, a receipt when loading and receiving goods and proof of a closed contract of carriage.

The transport of dangerous goods and liquids must have a container / vehicle loading certificate prior to a sea voyage. The person responsible for loading the dangerous goods in the loading unit declares that it has taken place according to a number of conditions, and signs for this process.

The challenge of container transport

The drivers of Henk Dammes often start their workweek on Monday morning and return to the office on Friday. During the week they receive their transport orders from the head office of Henk Dammes BV. A number of transport documents are required for these transport orders. Because the drivers often do not come back to the office in between, it is not profitable to drive all the way back to the office for documents. First they work with an intermediate solution; the drivers could go to an office in the port of Rotterdam for printing the necessary documents such as the consignment note, packaging lists, CMR or customs documents.

However, this intermediate solution still meant detour. Making extra (unnecessary) miles and extra hours for the drivers, which means that they got in conflict with their maximum driving hours. Through their on-board computer supplier Groeneveld ICT Solutions they were introduced to Print Panther.

Print Panther

Henk Dammes BV has started with Print Panther, an application specially developed to be able to print important documents in the truck at the last minute. To not slow down the transport and the offer the best service for the customer, they were looking for a suitable solution. Print Panther makes it possible to print documents directly on the way. With Print Panther you save immediately on unnecessary costs and miles and you have quickly access to right documents, such as consignment notes.

You can read more about the benefits of Print Panther in our blog  ‘’Export documents and changes directly printed with Print Panther.’’

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